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Cadasil Syndrome

Often misdiagnosed

A devastating vascular disorder of the brain called CADASIL, which strikes young adults and leads to early dementia, often is misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis.
CADASIL occurs when a thickening of blood vessel walls blocks blood flow in the brain.
Migraine headaches are an early symptom of this condition, which progresses to strokes and mini-strokes, depression, apathy, motor
disability and excutive dysfunction (an inability to plan and organize everyday activities.) The final symptom is dementia.
CADASIL is caused by mutations of a single gene called NOTCH 3.
If an individual carries the mutated gene, he or she inevitably will develop the disease,and there's a 50 percent chance that each of the individual's children will inherit the mutation and the disease.

Multiple sclerosis Is the most frequent misdiagnosis.
CADASIL stands for cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy.
It is a terrible disease that runs in families, and, unfortunately, There is no known effective treatments,

There are several reasons why CADASIL is misdiagnosed as MS. Both diseases tend to strike young adults.
There are similarities in brain MRIs, and both diseases can cause focal neurologic signs and symptoms.
While there currently are no effective treatments, researchers are making significant progress in better understanding of CADASIL, There is hope down the road that there will be new treatments for these patients.


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